10 Best Free Blogging Themes That Will Make You Stand Out

10 Best Free Blogging Themes That Will Make You Stand Out

Hi there! Are you thinking about starting your own blog? That’s great! But did you know that choosing the right “clothes” for your blog is just as important as choosing the right words to write? Just like how you might choose a special outfit to wear for a special occasion, you need to choose the right “outfit” for your blog too. And that’s where “themes” come in!

Themes are like special outfits for your blog that make it look super cool and interesting. And the best part? There are lots of themes that you can use for FREE! These are called Best Free Blogging Themes.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best free blogging themes out there that you can use to make your blog look amazing. And we’ll also tell you why it’s important to choose the right theme for your blog. So, let’s get started!

Top 10 Free Blogging Themes

Before we show you some best blogging themes for your website, you need to keep in mind that most of the themes mentioned here are supported by WordPress. We will also discuss how you can improve your SEO after applying these best free blogging themes.

Cooking Food Blogger

Best Free Blogging Themes for cooking niche

The Cooking Food Blogger theme is a great way to showcase your culinary expertise with visually stunning images and videos, recipe cards with detailed instructions and nutritional information, and articles on cooking techniques and equipment. Built using the WordPress LMS plugin, the theme allows easy creation and customization of courses online. Many websites consider it one of the best free blogging themes.

With interactive features like comment sections, social media sharing buttons, and email subscription forms, readers can engage with you and receive updates on new posts. This theme is perfect for food enthusiasts seeking new recipes and cooking inspiration, providing an engaging and informative experience.

Colorful Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for comic niche

Colorful Blog WordPress theme is the perfect solution for bloggers who want to make a statement with their website. With a stunning multi-colored design, this dynamic and playful theme is sure to capture your audience’s attention. It’s versatile and supports Elementor page builder, making it suitable for a variety of blogging niches such as personal, travel, food, health, and affiliate blogging. It also has a stunning header section that you can customize.

You can easily share your thoughts and experiences or promote products with this theme, which is customizable to reflect your style and brand. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Colorful Blog makes it easy to create a beautiful and engaging blog that will captivate your audience.

It can be one of the best free blogging themes for a comic website or a cartoon website for kinds.

Fuzion Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for personal blog

Fuzion Blog is a responsive WordPress theme designed for bloggers and content writers. It features a clean, minimalistic design with a magazine-style banner slider and customizable widget sections. The theme is SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and quick-loading, making it easy to focus on creating great content.

It’s perfect for bloggers who want a professional look and is responsive on any device. visit the demo at https://demos.ascendoor.com/fuzion-blog/.

Next Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for fashin niche

Next Blog is a block-based WordPress theme designed for blogging. It comes with full-site editing features, block patterns, and block editor patterns, making it a great option for WordPress experts. With a lightweight design and the latest HTML codes, this theme offers faster page load speeds. This is one of the best free blogging themes for fashion niche

It is also retina-ready and has a responsive design that works well on every device. The theme is optimized for SEO and is translation-ready to support multiple languages. Additionally, Next Blog has several social media options to help you share your content.


Best Free Blogging Themes for gaming niche

Blogus is a modern, fast, and clean responsive WordPress theme suitable for news, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other creative websites. It’s fully widgetized, making it easy for users to manage content using customizable widgets. Blogus is optimized for SEO and is also compatible with WPML, Gutenberg, translation, and RTL. You can consider it one of the best free blogging themes for gamers and comic writers.

It’s perfect for online and gaming magazines, news portals, personal blogs, publishing, review sites, and more. That’s why we have picked this in the best free blogging themes list. You can check out the live preview at https://demos.themeansar.com/blogus-demos.

Blogger Stories

Best Free Blogging Themes

Blogger Stories is a WordPress theme for personal blogs, influencers, and newspapers, designed with an elegant and minimalistic look that’s user-friendly and modern. It works with any niche and has specific designs for food, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and review sites. If you are a writer then it is one of the best free blogging themes for you.

The theme is SEO-friendly, fast, and beginner-friendly, with customization options and compatibility with popular plugins such as Elementor and WooCommerce. Blogger Stories is fully GDPR compliant and allows for social media links to be added to the header. It is a great choice for bloggers, content creators, and those in the Creators Of Tomorrow contest.

News Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for news blog

News Blog is a free WooCommerce-ready WordPress theme that is fast, clean, and modern. It is widgetized and has an in-built front page customizer designer. It supports popular page builders like Elementor, KingComposer, and Beaver Builder. The theme has built-in product widgets for news, social, post grids, and post sliders, and is compatible with WooCommerce-related popular plugins. It is SEO-friendly, WPML and RTL-ready, and comes with documentation.

If you are looking to create a new blog then you can go with this theme. Many news blogs have considered it one of the best blogging themes for news websites.

Tafri Travel Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for traveling niche

Tafri Travel Blog is a free WordPress theme suitable for travel-related businesses. It has a user-friendly interface and a responsive layout that looks great on all screens. The theme includes beautiful sections such as Blog, Team, Testimonial, etc., and features Call to Action Buttons.

With optimized coding, it offers a lightweight website that loads quickly and is SEO-friendly. The theme also provides social media options to promote the business and reach a larger audience.

Demo: https://www.themeseye.com/demo/tafri-travel-blog-pro/

Book Author Blog

Best Free Blogging Themes for books niche

Book Author Blog is a WordPress theme designed for authors, writers, novelists, and publishers who want to promote and sell their books online. The theme features a modern and elegant layout that is fully responsive and optimized for speed, user experience, and SEO. It is popular with almost many book websites. That’s why it’s one of the best free blogging themes.

It is compatible with the WordPress 5 block editor and includes a landing page template to showcase your book and increase sales. Book Author Blog also integrates with the popular WooCommerce plugin to facilitate book sales directly from your website.

PressBook Masonry Blogs

Best Free Blogging Themes for tech niche

PressBook Masonry Blogs is a versatile and stylish WordPress theme suitable for professional bloggers, news writers, and educational websites. It comes with a masonry grid layout for blog posts, a customizable branding area, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and support for infinite scrolling and WooCommerce.

It is perfect for various types of websites such as photobloggers, vloggers, magazines, and entertainment sites. The theme is easy to set up and supports page builder plugins like Elementor and WPBakery. It is one of the best free blogging themes for tech blogs.

SEO Best Practices for Themes

All of the themes that I mentioned are SEO-Friendly. But it’s always better to take further steps to improve your website SEO. You need to know about the best practices after selecting the best free blogging themes. We will mention these practices now.

Optimize Image Size.

Image size plays a big role in your website loading speed and SEO. A larger image size makes your webpage slow. Google doesn’t rank websites with a slow loading speed. So, you need to optimize your website image size without losing any quality.

There are many plugins that will help you to do that. Follow this post to improve your website speed:

2 Free Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Website


Choosing the right blogging theme is an important part of making sure your blog looks great and attracts readers. By using one of the best free blogging themes, you can create a professional-looking blog that stands out from the rest.

In this article, we’ve shown you some of the best free blogging themes available and provided tips for selecting the right one. We’ve also shared SEO best practices that you can use to optimize your blog’s theme and improve its ranking on search engines like Google.

So, whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced one, choosing the right theme is crucial to your success. With the help of this article, you can select a theme that fits your needs and helps you achieve your blogging goals. Hope these best free blogging themes will make your website stand out. Happy blogging!



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