5 Steps to make your website Adsense Ready.

5 Steps to make your website Adsense Ready.

Running Google Adsense on your website is a great way to earn passively. This is the average earnings in Google Adsense per year from each individual:-

Adsense Calculator

However many don’t know how to get approval quickly and with no issues. As a result, many bloggers can’t reach their goal to earn with Google AdSense. There are lots of major factors to get approved by Google Adsense. This Full Guide will show you the exact factors and tips to get approved. This short guide will help you learn the basic requirements to get approved by Google AdSense. Stay Till The End.

We will discuss this topic in two parts:


    • Before Applying

    • After Getting Approved

Before Applying

The hardest thing is to prepare your website for Google AdSense. Let’s break down the key factors for Google Adsense.


    • Website Speed Optimization

    • Domain Age

    • Mobile Friendly Layout

    • Website Traffic

    • Blog Posts Number (If it’s a blogging Site)

Website Speed Optimization

Adsense Speed

Google always wants to show its ads to a faster-loading website. That’s why fast website speed is soo important. Many people forget to optimize their websites and unleash the top speed of their websites.

You have to apply these simple tricks to make your website faster:


    • Fast Theme

    • Very Simple Layout

    • Optimized Images

    • Add Your Website To CDN

    • Cache Plugins

Follow this Full Guide To Optimize Your Website Up To 90%

Domain Age

Google also checks the age of your domain. Because it shows how long the website is been on the internet.

It is recommended to have at least 6 month

Mobile Friendly Layout

In order to show ads on mobile Google prefer mobile-friendly websites. So making your website mobile-friendly is important.

To do that you can simply apply a theme that is fast and mobile-friendly at the same time. There are lots of free themes that can easily make your website load faster and mobile-friendly.

Blog Posts Number

Posts number plays a major role in Google AdSense approval. If your website is SAAS or Online Tools website then this doesn’t matter a lot.

But if you have a blog website then you need a certain amount of posts on your website.

For Example: If you have a new website then you need to post articles every hour or day. And if it’s a normal blog website then you should write 30–50 articles before applying to Google Adsense

Make sure those articles are written with no copyrights.

Website Traffic

This is the most important factor in Google AdSense. Google doesn’t show ads on a website where are not many visitors.

You need at least 500 visitors per month in order to get approved.

How to increase visitors and traffic:- This requires a detailed course. For now, simply, Do your Basic SEO and share your website and articles on different social media platforms like Quora.

I personally got a lot of visitors via Qoura for Free.

Follow this Video to know how you can get visitors to your website fast

If you do these simple tasks and get a decent amount of traffic then you are good to go for applying for Google AdSense.

After Approval.

After you get the approval of Google AdSense, you will need to do just a simple thing which is inserted the Google AdSense code into your website.

If you are a WordPress website then you can do this without touching any line of code in your website.

Follow this guide to insert code to your WordPress Header.

But if you are using Blogger or a static web page then you need to go to your website’s source code and paste the Google AdSense code under the <head> tag.



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