Best Web Hosting For High Traffic Websites In 2023

Best Web Hosting For High Traffic Websites In 2023

A Website that gets over 100K visits is a High Traffic Website. Websites like Forbes, BBC, and Fox get Millions of visits every month. Their hosting or server is not common with most small websites. They try to maintain a stable performance in order to keep their visitors engaged. If you wondered which is the best web hosting for high traffic websites, then be patient till the end.

What Type of Hosting do You Need?

Let’s see different types of hosting servers and plans at a glance. You can see some common hosting plans and their pricing. (some hosting may differ)

  • Shared Hosting: Costs $2-$4 per Month
  • Reseller Hosting: Costs $15- $25 per Month
  • VPS Hosting: Costs $10-$15 per Month

Shared Hosting? No

In shared hosting, your website is hosted on a server where many other websites are also hosted. That means you share your server with other people. These types of hosting are not suitable for big websites with high traffic.

Shared hosting will be a good choice for small websites only.

Reseller Hosting? No

Reseller hosting is a plan provided by hosting companies where Big business owners give you a small space on their servers. It is a bit similar to shared hosting but it’s faster and more reliable than the actual shared hosting. Because you get a strong server from big business.

Reseller is much faster than shared hosting and it’s better for medium size websites. Still not perfect hosting for high traffic.

VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? Best Choice

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a plan where you get your own dedicated server for your website. This is perfect for websites with high visitors and large websites. Unlike shared and reseller plans you get a special server that you can customize as you like.

Pros of VPS:

  • Faster & Reliable
  • Ideal for Large Websites
  • Best Hosting For High Traffic Websites
  • Monthly Subscription Available (You can pay Monthly or Yearly)

Cons of VPS:

  • 2 lines of Coding Needed
  • No Free Domain. (Have to buy it separately)
  • Manual WordPress Install

As You can see VPS hosting is the best Hosting for high-traffic websites. If the cons are a deal breaker for you then check the best VPS cloud hosting where you can install WordPress in minutes.

Cloudways: The Best VPS Hosting For High Traffic Sites

best vps hosting for high traffic websites. Sitemalgor Post

Cloudways is a VPS cloud hosting provider that doesn’t have its own servers. It may sound weird but the fact is, Cloudways buy servers from top VPS providers like Digitalocean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. And sell those servers to their customers for a higher price. After all of this, the price they offer is still very affordable for most people. It is an ideal WordPress hosting for high traffic sites.


Cloud ways Pricing

Their normal basic plan is $12/month. Currently, it is $7.20/month with a 40% discount in price. Which is an absolute still. The basic plan is enough for a large website. I also recommend Cloudways for their best Hosting for high traffic WordPress sites.


  • Easy-To-Setup Interface
  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • No Lock-In – Cancel Anytime
  • Fully Integrated CDN (For Better Performance)
  • Fastest Stack (Built-In Cache)
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3-Day Trial Without Credit Card
  • Free SSL


  • Higher Price Than Normal VPS
  • No Free Domain


The main advantage of Cloudways is the control panel. It provides you with an easy-to-use tool when managing your virtual private servers. And it boasts quite an impressive amount of features. For example, you can install all of the most popular content management systems like WordPress or Drupal.

You get access to professional email services at an extra cost, you get free SSL certificates for the domains you connect. And creating new applications or servers is extremely easy. During this Cloudways review, I noticed that it’s the EASIEST way of managing your virtual private server that I have seen while working with web hosting.


While the performance is great, the pricing is awesome and the service itself is really enjoyable. The people behind Cloudways like to do a lot of shady and spammy marketing. I believe that the product they have is good enough and they don’t need this. But it is what it is. Cloudways does a lot of marketing campaigns on forums, Reddit, and Facebook groups where they pretend to be customers and influence people to buy.

At the same time, they do quite aggressive email marketing campaigns. And the support that they offer isn’t the best. They weren’t able to consult me on the problem I had in the video and it felt like at least in this Cloudways review video they simply wanted to get rid of me.


Cloudways are currently running a discount on their pricing of 40% off. Plus they have their special 3-day free trial with no Credit Card. The 40% discount offer is limited so go with it quickly


If you are looking to go with Cloudways Hosting then I prefer to use AWS from Amazon. You just have to select AWS from the plan list. Then you can install WordPress directly from the control panel.

Follow this guide to Install WordPress in 3 minutes Install WordPress On AWS In 3 minutes Cloudways

Since Cloudways doesn’t provide you free domain so you have to buy it separately. Use Namecheap To buy a domain for Less than $10 Namecheap

Hostinger: Cloudways Alternative

hostinger latest discount

Hostinger is a renowned hosting provider. They are famous among website owners and bloggers. They have a VPS plan which is more affordable than Cloudways. Currently, They are running a 70% off deal in VPS hosting. Their service is one of the best WordPress hosting for high traffic.


  • Cheaper Than Cloudways
  • Good Bandwidth
  • Weekly Backups
  • Plans Start From $3.49/month
  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Has Dedicated Control Panel Called hPanel


  • Not Faster Than Cloudways
  • No Free Domain (Buy It Separately From Namecheap)
  • Not Associated With Top VPS Providers (Like Digitalocean, AWS, Vultr)


hostinger vps latest picing

Their basic plan is much cheaper than Cloudways. So Hostinger is a good alternative to Cloudways. They also have a premium plan of over $50/month. But I prefer to select the most popular plan which is VPS 2. It’s normally $12.99/month. Currently, it’s $4.99/month with 62% off You can get that discount using this Link.

Control Panel: Hostinger

Hostinger has its own special control panel named hPanel. And it’s one of my favorite control panels. It’s as good as Cloudways Control System. You can manage your website, domain, database, and VPS configuration all in one dashboard.

Discounts: Hostinger

Hostinger runs lots of discounts for almost the entire year. Currently, they have up to 70% off on their VPS hosting. But their offers change over time. So make sure to check the latest deal before purchasing.

Conclusion: Cloudways is better

It’s sure that there is no option but VPS web hosting for high traffic sites. Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting will not perform well when your website gets more traffic. Now it really depends on your budget whether you want to spend more money for better performance.

If you can afford $10 to $15 per month then you should go with Cloudways. Because it gives you a 3-Day Free Trail. Which you can use to test your website without spending any money.

But if you are looking to spend less money then you can choose Hostinger. But read it clearly, In Hostinger you can only buy plans on a yearly based cycle. That means they will show you the monthly cost but they will charge you yearly when you buy the hosting plan.

Cloudways is better in this case where you can Start for free and pay monthly only after the trial. So you are actually paying less than Hostinger here.


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