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Crazy Web Hosting For Blog Website. Sitemalgor

Starting a Blog is still a popular income stream for many people. Blog websites are getting tons of attention. As a result, it is getting more difficult to choose the right web hosting for blog websites. There are some hosting that is good in terms of performance but those hosting costs are high price. We will review 2 web hosting for blog websites today which are cheap and better than most other hosting out there.

Demanded Features

  • Easy-To-Use
  • 1-Click-WordPress Installer
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • SSD Storage

These are the following features for a good hosting for blog. All of these will be ensured in 2 hosts in this post. When t comes to hosting for blog websites, these 2 web hosting may surprise you.

1. iPage Hosting For Blog. $1.99/month

hosting for blog. iPage sitemalgor

iPage web hosting always wants to ensure the best performance at low pricing. Bloggers from all around the world use iPage for their hosting. iPage offers you a great performance and experience hosting for just $1.99/month. Remember that it is for only a 3-year deal. The 1-year deal costs $2.99/month.


Pricing Starts From Only $1.99/month


Price:- $1.99/month 

2. Hostinger. Starts From $1.99/year 

hostinger latest discount

You probably might have heard about Hostinger. They are known for their crazy hosting deal for starters. Their server is perfect for bloggers. They are currently offering super cheap pricing. Their plan is starting from $1.99/month with a 4-year deal.

Price: Starting at $1.99/month

Side By Side


Getting the right hosting for your blog is the most important thing before starting your blog. It is not easy to choose between Hostinger and iPage. I would suggest Hostinger over iPage because I personally use it and it has served me well so far. You can choose freely what you want. 

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