Free Elementor Portfolio Template To Be Competence

Free Elementor Portfolio Template To Be Competence

There are lots of Freelancers who are struggling to impress their clients. One big reason is that they don’t have a good-looking portfolio website. A free Elementor portfolio template will be the perfect solution to that.

So if you fall into that same category then follow this tutorial to download a simple but attractive free Elementor portfolio template and use it properly.

Resume V1 Template

This free Elementor portfolio template is inspired by typical resume designs. That’s why you can get the CV vibe in it.

Free Elementor Portfolio Template

This one-page template is a simple and straightforward portfolio that highlights you and your work experiences. It allows you to add your profile pic and your name on the top. 

This free Elementor portfolio template also lets you write about yourself in order to give the client a brief description of yourself and your working field.

You will also get a dedicated social section underneath your description. Where you can add your, FacebookTwitterLinkedin, etc. This will give your client a good prescriptive of you.

Then you are also getting your previous working section. Where you can add/edit your working companies and your role in that.


You are getting pretty much every necessary feature for an attractive portfolio. This is a single-page site.  Some of the highlighted features will be:

Self-Focused Hero Section:

A self-Focused section where you talk about yourself and your working skills, experiences, and services is a great way to tell about you your client. This template comes with a direct and simple design.


Most portfolio websites have a social section at the bottom. But the client will most likely avoid that. So putting that section right after your introduction lets your client connect with your social accounts instantly. 

This free Elementor portfolio template does the exact thing.

Work Background Section:

In the next section, you will have your background experience section where you can add/edit your background work in this free Elementor portfolio template. 

If you have worked in any company before you can add that company logo and your role in that company.

You can also add your marketplace like UpworkFiverrFreelancer, etc.

Skill Section:

The skill section is an important section for any freelancer. Because it shows the client if you are worthy of the project or not.

You will get a nice loading animation of your skill percentages. You can edit the name of your skill and the percentage of it. You can also add or delete any skills you want.

Portfolio Section:

This section is the most important one for your website. This section will show you some images of the work that you have completed. 

You can add or delete the images as you prefer.

Contact Section:

This is another vital section for any kind of portfolio. This will let your client make contact with you. 

This free Elementor portfolio template comes with a pre-made contact form and basic information to the right. You can edit the form and the right section of it as you prefer.


You are getting all the vital sections and features with this template. Let’s have a look at what are the benefits of it:

  • Clean and Beautiful design
  • Call To Action
  • Easy to Edit
  • Straightforward Information
  • Contact Section Included
  • Elementor Supported


Even though this template is well design and simple, it has a few downsides. For example:

  • Single Page Template
  • No FAQ Section
  • No Dedicated About Section


Free Elementor Portfolio Template

This free Elementor portfolio template will be a great option for you to build your own freelance portfolio. If you liked this template and it’s features Download, Import, and edit this in your own style.


The portfolio is a big factor in your freelancing career. This will determine how your work is to your client. So building a portfolio with a simple and attractive structure I important. 

The free Elementor portfolio template that I gave to you is enough for you to showcase your work and skills to your client. 

Wish you a great freelancing career. 

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