Free Elementor Pro Features and Widgets In 2023

Free Elementor Pro Features and Widgets In 2023

Free Elementor Pro. Elementor is a supreme game changer in the world of web design. It has the best drag and drops widgets and features to create pages without any coding. Most of the Elementor pro features and widgets are not free to access. That’s why we will going to get the Free Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro plugin includes 100+ widgets, 300+ Basic & Pro Templates, and Theme Builder to build a single post, search page, 404, etc. These things cost almost $200 a year. But I will provide most of them 100% free of cost.

Let’s check the major features of the actual Elementor Pro and then compare it to our Free Elementor Pro.

Basic & Pro Widgets

Actual Elementor Pro has over 100 free and paid widgets to design your website. Some are basics such as Inner Section, Text, Image, Video, Icons, Code, etc. Then there are premium widgets that you will get if you have the Elementor Pro licenses

We will know further about the widgets in my Free Elementor Pro plugin.

Free Elementor Pro Features and Widgets: Unleash Your Design

Fast & Optimized

Elementor Pro has a very optimized cache memory in terms of loading CSS and Additional JS. Which are mostly used for animation and styling purposes. Most of the website that uses Elementor has a 90+ optimization score on Google Pagespeed and GTmetrix.

Check out the speed score of my website:-

Live Custom CSS

Elementor’s free version does not allow users to add extra CSS code to their blocks. So users don’t get the full freedom of customization. Only the Pro version has this feature called Custom CSS for every widget they have.

Theme Builder: Header & Footer, Single Page, etc.

The header and the Footer are 2 core components of a website. Unfortunately, the free version of Elementor doesn’t have the support of Theme Builder. Header, Footer, Single Post, Search Page, and 404 pages are customizable inside Theme Builder. This feature is only available in the Pro version of Elementoer.

You can see if Theme Builder is available or not in my Free Elementor Pro Plugin.

Price Tables & Price Lists

The pricing table has always been a fundamental widget for business websites online. Elementor’s free version does not have these features. You will only get these on their Pro version. But read till the end to see if my Free Elementor Pro has this or not.

My Free Elementor Pro

You saw the major pro features of the Elementor. My Free Elementor has all of the mentioned above features. But you will not get a template library. That is exclusive to the Pro version only.

But you will get all the Pro widgets of Elementor from my Free Elementor Pro plugin.


  • You need to install the free Elementor First
  • Then Download My Free Elementor Pro
  • Then upload that plugin, Install and activate

After completing these steps you will all the premium features are unlocked.

Download: Free Elementor Pro

Use the given download link below to download the zip file of the Free Elementor Pro

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