2 Free Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Website

2 Free Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Website

The speed of our website is directly related to the speed at which its visitors are able to reach our site. There are many tactics that we can use to speed up the loading times, but today I’m going to show you two free plugins that have helped me improve my website’s speed on all types of computers. These two free plugins can optimize your WordPress website speed up to a 90+ score.

Why Optimization Is Important?

Your website is the main representation of your business Online. So to make a good impression and increase the engagement between your website and visitor is a vital task.

It’s also very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google always ranks those pages that have good optimization scores and faster loading speeds in order to give the best result for a search term.

It’s also important to optimize your WordPress website to remove unused data on your website. Those used data make your website slower.

1. Cache Plugin: W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache. Optimize your WordPress website

A cache is the data of your website that helps your website load faster. It works like a memory of your browser that helps to remind the entire website on your browser. For example: If you visit a website for the first time, the cache of that website will be saved on your browser. So that when you visit that website next time it loads faster.

There are many effective Cache plugins out there. What I found very helpful is W3 Total Cache. It’s pretty lightweight and efficient. You just have to install it on your website and Cache will be enabled automatically.

Key Features:

      • Object Caching support

      • Lazy Loading of Images/Media

      • Automatic CDN support

      • Minification

        • Database Caching

        • Page Caching

      Here is a websites speed improvement after enabling the cache:

      optimize your wordpress website up to 90

      2. Image Optimization: Imagify

      Optimize your WordPress website by optimizing images with Imagfy.

      Sometimes your website might load slower because the images of your website are too large. Imagify optimizes those images and reduces the size of those images without reducing any quality.

      Key Features of Imagfy:

          • Auto-Optimize images on upload

          • Backup original images

          • Lossless compression

          • WebP versions of images

          • Resize larger images

        It will literally sky your optimization speed in seconds. To get the best result with Imagfy, set these setting after installing the plugin:

        Imagefy recomanded settings

        How To Check The Speed?

        PageSpeed Insights

        To see the result of your website after installing and applying the settings, go to https://pagespeed.web.dev/ and enter your website URL. Then you will see the speed of your website.


        GTmetrix is another website speed checker. It is more efficient than Speed Insights. To check the speed, go to gtmetrix.com and enter your website URL. Then you will see the report


        Speed optimization is very important for both SEO and user experience. Now you can use these two plugins to optimize your WordPress website and images to boost your WordPress website.



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