Get The Lowest Cost Web Hosting Now In 2023

Get The Lowest Cost Web Hosting Now In 2023

Yeah, everyone can’t afford those expensive hosting. Most beginners struggle a lot in search of the lowest cost web hosting.

You might be the one who falls into the same situation. But hey, I was also having problems when I started.

As a starter, buying expensive and high-cost web hosting is just not worth it. The perfect solution will be to start with a cheaper option so that your money doesn’t get wasted.

So that’s why I will reveal the lowest cost web hosting with satisfying performance for you which is less than a penny per month!

Common Hosting Pricing:

You probably have searched on Google or Youtube before about popular hosting companies and their plans. 

 Most of them charge $2-$3 per month in a yearly plan for the cheapest plans.

Hosting Companies & Their Cheapest Plan:

The big brands are the ones who try to offer the best value to get more customers. Few of them offer affordable plans. Let’s check their plans 

Hostinger charges: $2 per month (4-year deal)

Namecheap charges: $1.98 per month (1-year deal)

Bluehost charges: $2.95 per month (3-year deal) 

Godaddy charges: $2 per month (3-year deal)

All of them are defiantly not the lowest cost web hosting. Because the ones I’m going to show you are cheaper and as powerful as these web hosting companies.

Timok: Linux Shared Hosting

Timok Linux Shared Hosting. The Lowest Cost Web Hosting In 2023

Timok is one of the most Underrated and Unheard names in the web hosting community. They are providing shared hosting and VPS hosting since 2014.

They didn’t reach the top of the headline against big giants like Hostinger and Bluehost.

Their Linux Shared Hosting is the lowest cost web hosting I’ve ever seen.


Lowest Cost Web Hosting Plans

They have 3 plans in their Linux Shared Hosting package. “Baby“, “Turbo“, “Business” plans.

The Baby plan is the cheapest one they have which costs only $0.5 per month for a 3-year deal and $0.66 per month for a 1-year deal only.

That means you have to spend $7.92 per year ($0.66*12) only. Which is 30% cheaper than other web hosting companies.


The pricing is cheaper than most hosting brands so it might not perform like them. But the features that it’s giving are an absolute steal.

Hosting Features:

It has lots of basic features like:

  • Flexible, Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts & Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contract with a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Safe Harbor Certified (Details)

Free With Each Hosting Plan:

Top features that come free with every plan.

  • Free Weebly SiteBuilder and Website Building Tools
  • Free Website Templates (View Website Templates)
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer,
  • Script Transfer (Details)
  • 387 scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer (Details)

Programming & Databases:

Temok offers programming software and database like WordPress. You can install them in your cPanel.

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
  • Programming Language: CGI, Fast CGI, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
  • Programming Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, ImageMagick
  • System Management: SSH Access and Cron Job Scheduling
  • FrontPage Extension

cPanel Control Panel:

It comes with the famous cPanel which is easy to use and customizable.

  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer, and Error Logs
  • Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Portals, Forums, Counters, and Formmail
  • Password Protected Directories and Custom Error Pages
  • Web-Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL

Server Hardware:

It has one of the most high-end hardware for the servers that you will use for your website.

  • Intel Xeon E5 Servers
  • 32 – 64GB DDR 3 / DDR 4 RAM
  • HDD / SATA disk storage in RAID10
  • OS and cache on SSD disk
  • 1000 Mbps Uplink

Server Locations:

They have their own servers globally. So you can easily select the server according to your targetted audience.

Their top servers are:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Italy
  • UAE
  • Russia

Our suggestion will be to use the Netherlands Linux Server.

User Experiences:

As you can see the Trustpilot review is 4.5/5 which is perfect and reflect how good their support is and how happy their customers are. It’s truly great for the Lowest cost web hosting.

Trustpilot Full Reviews On Timok

Is Timok Worth The Price?

Now you know that Timok is the lowest cost web hosting right now. But is Timok perfect for you? 

It offers all of the basic features and faster servers around the world. Because it is Linux-based web hosting, the performance will not be the best all the time. But Timok claims 99% uptime. 

It’s better than Godaddy and Namecheap shared hosting which cost 50% more.

Free Meeting With Timok:

Timok allows you to video chat with them for free before you buy their services.

So it’s perfect if you want o know more about Timok and how it can be your chosen web hosting.  

So you can take a free consultant with the following link: FREE CONSULTANT


It’s time to take the leap and explore Timok’s hosting plans tailored to meet your specific needs. Visit their website today, and let Timok empower your online presence with their lowest cost web hosting solutions.

Remember, your website is the gateway to your online success, and with Timok by your side, you can achieve greatness without compromising your budget. Embrace the power of the lowest cost web hosting and unlock a world of possibilities with Timok.

You wont find cheaper and faster option than




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