Install WordPress On AWS In 3 minutes On Cloudways

Install WordPress On AWS In 3 minutes On Cloudways

In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to install WordPress On AWS-Amazon Web Services in a very simple way. To be honest, AWS is built for lots of services online. Installing WordPress on it is one of them. It is complex to install any kind of software or CMS on AWS. Usually, it takes 15-30 min for the installation process. But we will Install WordPress on AWS in just a few minutes.

1. Sign Up For Cloudways

You have to create an account for Cloudways first if don’t have it. It’s free to join no credit card is required. Enter the required data and click the Start Free button.

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Now confirm your email address and then log in. There, click on the Launch button.

Select WordPress

Choose the latest version of WordPress from the list. Name your application, and server, and select your project.

Select Server

Pick Amazon Web Services (AWS) from the list of cloud infrastructures.

Select Server Size

Select the server size that you like from the available options. If you hover over any of the server sizes, you can see its RAM and CPU size as well.

Select Bandwidth

Select your desired bandwidth.

Select Storage

then, you have to select the size of your disk and database storage.

Select The Server Location

It comes with a lot of location choices. The best is to host your website nearest to the target audience since it reduces load times.

Launch Your Server

Press Launch Now to start configuring your server.

After finishing the configuration, click the Application Bar.

Then, select WordPress.

Then, Go to Application Management → Access Details → Admin Panel to get your WordPress login details

Connect Domain

Go to the Domain Management tab.

Enter your domain name and add the CNAME inside your domain registrar. Let it propagate and once it’s done, your WordPress site will start serving from your primary domain. You may also map your subdomains using the same tab.


Here we go, this is the way to install WordPress on AWS in a few minutes. It’s the easiest and fastest way to install WordPress on AWS with the help of Cloudways.

If you haven’t signed up with Cloudways, go and register. You will get the easy-to-use interface for the most complex VPS or dedicated server configurations. You will get a 3-day free trial to test things and decide.



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